Culonas Putas
Big Booty Hoes, Big Booty Bitches


If you every wondered what does the word Culonas means, you have come to the right place. In fact, after reading this page you will be able to answer the following questions:

1. What does Culonas mean?
2. What does Culo Grande mean?
3. What do you call a girl with a bubble butt?
4. What do you call a girl with a big ass?

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Culonas… [kool-oh-nuhs] is a slang word for a girl with natural big buttocks. The girls big derriere has be proportionate with her body and she must have some thickness on her butt cheeks. That is the only way you could truly refer to her as a Culona [kool-oh-nuh]

Foxy Sasha, All of the Above. Culona, Nalgona, Culo Grande

When the girl has thick butt cheeks, one can also refer to her as a Nalgona [Nahl-goh-nuh]. That comes from the the word Nalgas [Nahl-gus] which means butt cheeks.

If you love big asses, you will want to get familiar with these terms that define big ass women:

Ass, Booty, Butt
Culo Grande
[kool-oh grun-dei]
Big Ass, Big Booty, Big Butt
Any female with a big ass
Any female with thick butt cheeks
Butt Cheeks

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